Welcome to the JPL promotions page!  We are proud to present a free Cubs Hoodie give away!  JPL had an amazing year of growth in 2016 and our family would like to celebrate with the champs: The Chicago Cubs, and our local community!  Neither the Cubs nor JPL could have made it without support from the Chicagoland area!  In honor of the historic world series win the JPL family will have several give aways this year to celebrate.  For now follow 5 easy steps to win a Royal Blue Chicago Cubs Hoodie!

1. Go to our Facebook page and like it!

2. Share the post!

3. Tag 3 friends for a double entry!

4. Fill out the contact form below so we can tell you when you win!

5. WIN!

Contest ends May 1rst, 2017.  Offer only valid in the State of Illinois.